SmartContact™ allows hospitals to contact discharged patients in order to check on wellbeing and uncover any service issues. A robust feedback loop with statistically-valid provider metrics to drive improvement forward. Watch this overview video or read about one client's experience. Taylor, one of the largest privately help companies in the United States, markets this technology to hospital-based emergency departments as EffectiveResponse™. To see how a patient experiences SmartContact™, enter our demonstration site.


SmartControl™ is a care coordination solution that reduces unnecessary emergency department visits and hospital admissions by frequent users. This system automates the workflow of emergency department case managers in their efforts to control this challenging population. It identifies care plan candidates and updates the patient's care network (i.e., PCP, specialist, psychologist, social worker and family caregiver). The current care plan is reviewed by linked providers and any necessary modifications can be relayed to the case manager. Built-in analyses measure visit trends and alert the case manager to new opportunities. Published data proves SmartControl™ can cut frequent emergency department visits in half.