Success with ER Callbacks

abd pain.jpg

A young woman diagnosed with UTI and right ovarian cyst was reached by a callback clerk and found to have fever and increasing abdominal pain. The information was relayed to the on-duty ER charge nurse who convinced the patient to return to the ER.  A CT scan that afternoon revealed appendicitis.

The ED nurse manager received email notification after a dialysis patient reported "his blood specimen was lost" requiring a re-draw and delay in care. Actually, the test was repeated because of a hemolyzed potassium. The patient was contacted, satisfied with the explanation, and decided not to write the complaint letter he was planning.

The ED medical director, in reviewing individual emergency physician satisfaction scores, realized that one doctor had suddenly become an outlier. A meeting resulted in a confession of "serious personal issues." Arrangements were made for appropriate counseling and a plan improvement was appreciated over the following month.

During the monthly ED department meeting CHF readmissions were discussed and the group agreed they were more comfortable sending selected patients home because next-day re-contact was occurring.