Our mission is to create engagement solutions that our clients value.

Tom Scaletta MD - Founder and President

Tom completed an undergraduate degree in mathematics and computer science and worked as an applications programmer before beginning medical school. He completed his residency in emergency medicine and is board certified in emergency medicine and clinical informatics. He is the ED chairperson and PX medical director for a Chicago-area health care system .

Tom has a passion for improving safety and satisfaction while cutting costs in a responsible and patient-focused manner.  While President of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine he collaborated on a Joint Position on a Code of Professional Conduct with the ENA. His papers, The Seven Pillars of Emergency Medicine Excellence (2007) and The Calculus of Patient Satisfaction (2012), were published by Medscape.

Tom designed the very first computerized emergency department patient callback system in 1996 for a high-volume, community hospital.  His design models are praised by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Urgent Matters.

Febin Mootheril - Chief Information Officer

Febin holds a master’s degree in computer systems and information technology. He is an accomplished software architect and database administrator. He founded Xprodata, a software design and system administration provider, and Allonsoft, a portal-based membership management system.

Febin understands the importance of data integrity and security. Under his leadership and expertise, Smart-ER™ set up a highly secure cloud server and web-enabled portal that exceeds industry standards.

Febin is an experienced medical informaticist.  As the senior database systems engineer for a top-tier hospital system, he was responsible for the design and implementation of their enterprise EMR.

PJ Hussey - Chief Operating Officer

PJ is a seasoned healthcare strategist and operations expert specializing in hospital administration and payer relationships. He holds a master’s degree in Total Quality Management.

PJ is passionate about improving processes aligned with a client’s goals and objectives. He has provided consultation to large hospital systems and major payers and has a track record of program implementations that exceed expectations.

PJ is an excellent communicator and adept at identifying and solving problems in a creative, constructive, and team-oriented manner. He is well characterized as having intense energy and precision with detail.


Rob Lynch photo.jpg

Rob has been on the front lines of Sales, Marketing, and Business development for most of his career.  He holds a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate degree and an MBA from Kellogg.  He has a proven track record of helping both small and large companies design and execute their Go-to-Market strategies. 

Rob is an excellent strategist and sales leader and has a unique skill of identifying customer growth challenges and clearly articulating solutions that bring both the desired growth and strong economic value to all parties involved.

His expertise in patient engagement, and knowledge of the economic impact to hospitals who don't manage their patient populations and communications effectively, is helping drive our success in this growing marketplace.